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        Company Profile

        Heng Rong Machinery was founded in 2007, is a company specializing in the field of plastic molding automation, paving equipment and systematic countermeasures of professional design, research and development, manufacturing, service as one of the high-tech enterprises. We have been committed to industrial automation rubber field overall solution, to create a high level of design quality requirements, based on high-end plastic auxiliary machine industry, with professional team for customers to design a variety of non-standard equipment and high requirements of the design and installation.

        Company culture

        Development history

        • 2017year
          Successfully listed three new boards
        • 2016year
          New park relocation completed
        • 2015year
          Won high-tech enterprise
        • 2014year
          Formally import ERP system management
        • 2013year
          Won the \"Hengrong\" brand registered trademark
        • 2012year
          Established Kunshan, Fujian and Chengdu Offices
        • 2007year
          The company was formally established
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        Excellence is a habit, is a kind of precipitation;
        , it may be done by you countless small things accumulated habits, thinking habits and other components!
        talent: you give him one thing, he can do it, and give him one thing, he still runs well!

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